Cancelation/ Rescheduling 
Policies and Fees

There are some things that are completely out of our control like; getting sick, or your kids getting sick, and I know you can’t plan for your car breaking down or getting scheduled for a surprise meeting at work - but neither can I…


I appreciate your booking and support, but as a business that relies solely on your pre-booked appointments, there only being one of me, and limited availability within the day, canceling or rescheduling appointments close to the appointment time is a massive loss of revenue for me, and significantly changes how I’m able to run my business.

Cancellation and rescheduling charges are non-negotiable.

Cancellations or rescheduling appointments with less than 48 hours notice - 50% cost of service booked will be charged. 

Cancellations or rescheduling within 24 hours of appointment time- service booked is charged in Full.


‘No-showing’ to an appointment - service booked is charged in Full.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late - your appointment will need to be rescheduled, and you will be charged in full for the service.


Deposits are non-refundable 

**Deposits will be used as a credit for your next appointment (as long as you’ve rescheduled or canceled before the 48 hour mark).** 


Payments - You will be required to pay for appointment charges within 5 business days. Failure to do so will result in any existing appointments being canceled, and the unpaid charges going on your account until paid.


If you are unable to commit to your appointment and want to avoid service charges, you are able to send someone to utilize your appointment time - taking into account;

  • They will need to have the same valued service that was previously booked for. 

  • Proof of vaccination in levels Red and Orange is required. If they cannot, the service is unable to go ahead, and you will be charged in full as per a canceled appointment. 

  • **Anyone utilizing your appointment time needs to read through the COVID-19 policies at before the appointment** 


If you are visibly unwell and attend an appointment, I am within my right to refuse services and you will be charged the full service amount.  I hold many hands everyday, my health and the health of other clients is more important than a nail appointment. I appreciate your commitment to your nail appointment, but health comes first.  


I will be as accommodating as possible when I can, but I need you to be aware of your appointment times so you’re able to cancel or reschedule your appointment(s) with enough time so you wont need to pay service fees. 

Terms and Conditions 

The time that is allotted for your personal appointment is very important to me, I respect your time so please consider and respect my time. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, and give more than 48 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling your appointment.


If you’ve booked time for nail art, please come with an idea of what you’d like - feel free to message with questions, and pictures prior to your appointment. 

If you are unsure what services to book in for, please send me a message and I can help you with your booking. This allows you to have the service/ nail art that you desire. 

You can also check out for information about services and nail art options. 

I am within my rights to refuse any services I deem unfit to provide.

Service pricing subject to change without notice.


No children are permitted - unless they are able to sit quietly, and entertain themselves within the designated waiting area.

This is not a child-proofed space, as it is also a shared working space. It isn’t fair to jeopardize other appointments happening within the vicinity with noises and distractions.  

Aslo services are meant to be time for yourself. I cannot guarantee an incredible or high quality service (which I pride myself on providing) if you're needing to entertain young ones, there are bodies moving around, and if things are getting bumped. 

*Please feel free to send a message if you have any questions regarding children in the salon.


COVID-19 Salon Expectations 

Thank you for being accommodating with these government mandates and restrictions. 


I am triple-vaccinated and will gladly provide proof on request.

Guidelines are as follows:


Masks are mandatory for all services. 

Clients must wait outside of the establishment until contacted to come in. 

No accompanying persons allowed. 

Social distancing when able



Masks are asked to be worn for all services. 

Social distancing when able


Masks are optional 

Social distancing when able

Please follow safe covid-19 practices like;

washing hands and/or sanitizing

physically distancing (when possible) for all appointments.

Wear a face covering (covering both my nose and mouth) for the duration of all appointment(s)



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Tuesday - Saturday

Appointment Only 


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Face masks are asked to be worn for every service