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Magsnificent Nails provides premium nail services including;

Nail Art, Nail Extensions, and Pedicures

With only using the highest quality products, including the cult brand The GelBottle Inc™ to ensure healthy fabulous nails!

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*

About Services & Prices

Only gel services are provided at Magsnificent Nails **Continue scrolling for more information about gel extensions, manicures and more!**

Services NOT provided; SNS dip manicures, Acrylic Manicures, Traditional polish manicures, and kids manicure (Kids are able to come in for services, at the service price listed)

BIAB Manicure 

BIAB™ or Builder in a Bottle™ are a range of soak off gel builders that can be use alone on the natural nail bed. This enhances the nails natural ability to grow, provides extra strength for clients with brittle nails, or looking to maintain them at a longer length. 

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*


BIAB Manicure - $65

Removal & Reapplication; Only BIAB color - $70

Removal & Reapplication; BIAB & color- $75

Enhance your service:


Short nails - $7 

Long nails - $10

(enhances the natural structure of your nails, to provide more strength)

Removal of SNS/Acrylic - $20

Gel nail fix - $7

Nail tip fix - $10

IBX - Initial Treatment - $15

IBX - Maintenance Treatment $10

(See IBX for more information) 


Gel Manicure 

The GelBottle Inc™ gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine. They are also also vegan and cruelty free.

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*


Gel Manicure - $55

Removal & Reapplication - $65

Manicure - No polish - $20


Enhance Your Service  

Gel Removal - $15

Gel Removal manicure - $40

Removal SNS/Acrylic - $20

IBX - Initial Treatment - $15

IBX - Maintenance Treatment $10

(See "IBX" for more information) 


Nail Extensions

All nail extensions are custom built, using forms with The GelBottle Inc™ BIAB™, and the BIAB™ clear.


You have the option of; short, medium and long nail extensions. 

Please remember you have to  “Add color” to your nail extension service if you desire, as the BIAB™ nude color range is beautiful, and many clients choose to just have the natural look of the BIAB™ shade.

BIAB Nail Extensions - Short - $95

BIAB Nail Extensions - Medium - $110


BIAB Nail Extensions - Long - $125

Add Color - $10

Enhance Your Service  

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*

Gel Removal - $15

Removal SNS/Acrylic - $20

IBX - Initial Treatment - $15

IBX - Maintenance Treatment $10

(See "IBX" for more information) 


IBX Treatments 

IBX™ is a revolutionary two part nail treatment. It is a penetrating nail product that helps repair and strengthen the natural nail from within the nail plate.

IBX™ is applied after the nails have been shaped, and cuticles have been pushed back. The product is then applied and heated to allow it to permeate the layers of the nail plate, then cured in place, It targets imperfections, weak, thin and damaged nails.

For clients who have particularly thin, brittle nails that won’t seem to grow past a certain point, this is a fabulous service to pair with a BIAB™ manicure.


*Please read terms and conditions before booking*

IBX Manicure - Initial Treatment - $55

IBX Manicure - Maintenance Treatment $40

IBX - Initial Treatment - $15

IBX - Maintenance Treatment $10


*Polish not included in any of these treatments*

Enhance Your Service  

Gel Removal - $15

Removal SNS/Acrylic - $20



I offer a variety of pedicure options, and pride myself on having an extremely relaxing pedicure experience. My pedicure chair is a lush full recliner that takes relaxing to a whole other level.


Pedicures include; foot soak, cuticles pushed back, and nails trimmed and filed.  


There are add-on options for a foot massage, heel rasping options, and polish removal and reapplication. 

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*

Basic Pedicure - No polish - $50

(no removal)

Basic Pedicure - Gel - $60

(no removal)

Basic pedicure - Gel removal & reapplication - $75

Basic pedicure - Traditional polish - $55

*limited traditional polish colours*


Foot Soak & Massage

Enhance Your Service  

Foot Massage;

5 minutes - $5

10 Minutes - $10

15 minutes - $15

20 minutes - $20


Heel/foot rasping (in-depth) - $10

If you don't need of a full pedicure, but still want to pamper your feet, I do offer a foot soak, and massage.


Options are available so you can have customized massage times, so you can fully relax.

*This is great service to have after a manicure*

*Please read terms and conditions before booking*

Foot soak & Massage - 10 minutes - $20

Foot soak & Massage - 20 minutes - $30



Cosmetic tattoo | Tattoo Lightening | Beauty 

   I am very fortunate to work along side the Lilly Christine team, as this is a reputable, and elite beauty business specializing in; Microblading, Powder brows, Lip Blushing, and more. Just outside of Auckland City in the town of Orewa, this is the place to get your Permanent Makeup, and Beauty Services done! 


   Permanent Makeup can be an intimidating decision to commit too, but the talent, precision, and diligent nature of the Lilly Christine team, always leaves you feeling confident. Its not just Permanent Makeup that the Lilly Christine team specializes in, there is also a range of Beauty Services to choose from as well. From; brow waxing, tinting, lash lifts & tints, to brow lamination, etc... 

Lilly Christine team not only helps define and accentuate your natural beauty, but most importantly the way you feel about yourself! 

To learn more about services, or to book, please see the website below!


"Perfect brows are a form of art."



1 Alice Avenue Orewa



Tuesday - Saturday

*By ONLINE Appointment Only*


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Face masks are asked to be worn for every service